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Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions

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Raw Hair extensions in Wefts, Tips, Bulk

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Salon Service

Our Service is tailored to focus on Individual needs, as such we delive the most suitable application for your hair condition. We offer alltypes of hair extensions from Cold-Fusion to Hot-Fusion and HAIR LOSS solutions. All at great prices

  • Micro Links

    Mircro-Links I-Tip extensions are installed strand-by-strand to your hair. Application usually takes 1 to 3 hours. The installation will last anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks. tips can be removed and reinstalled multiple times.

  • Tapes

    I-Tipped fusion hair extensions have a stick-like Italian keratin tipped end, which can be used for both hot glue and cold micro-beaded installations. Using the hot glue method, the tips can be bonded to strands of your hair by melting keratin glue to your existing stands of hair.

  • Weave Application

    HAND-TIED or MACHINE-WEFTED extensions installed using the beaded method to create a base for the sew-in installation. Weave Application gives instant volume and Length.

Micro-Links Weft Application

Weft Extensions (bead method) offers the best of all application. sew-in weave using the beaded method that leaves no pressure or damage to your natural hair . The installation couldn’t be faster or simpler…no glue, heat, tape or chemicals that can damage hair and the follicle. The Installation offers instant volume, length and density in 3 different textures, 3 different lengths and our weft extensions is available in Hand-Tied or Machine Weft. Maintenance: book maintenance Every 4 to 6 weeks for the beads to be moved up your regrowth and re-tightened.



HD Lace Frontals that literally melts into your skin. Available size 13 x 4 , 13 x 6 and 360.

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